Because of its sophisticated concept, the Robolas DMX mirror-head can be set up in a discotheque environment as well as a stand alone unit in a shopping window.

The Multi-talent: The RoboLas mirror-head comprises two DMX devices in one unit: The mirror-head and the controller.

High Quality hybrid stepping-motors ensure a smooth and uniform drive of the mirror. The mirror diameter of 110mm allows the Robolas to reflect laser light as well as conventional light. Send beams from one end to another or use the RoboLas to perform mirror shots on different grating mirrors.

Optionally, the RoboLas can be equipped with a holografic effect grating.



The pan and tilt movement of the laser mirror is controlled by an external DMX 512 signal or the internal controller. This internal controller is capable to control the movement and speed of up to 20 steps.

Technical Details

Technical Details

DMX channels

1: Pan
2: Tilt


- Coated mirror, high refl. 400nm-700nm
- Optional effect grating

Mirror size:

Round, Ø 110mm mirror / 100mm grating


8 bits per channel

Power supply:

External PSU 230VAC


210mm x 116mm x 120mm


1.2 kg with mirror






Alu coated Laser mirror for disco installation , 100 x 100mm, max power 500W 


Same as DS 2 but round, diameter 110mm, with protection foil


Laser mirror for disco installation, 120 x 120mm, max power 500W


Large laser mirror for disco installations, round, 150mm diameter, max. power 500W, with protection foil



Effect mirrors

Holographic glass effect gratings in very high quality. Various effects available.

Effect grating transmission: Laser is sent through the filter, and is diverted after the filter

Effect mirror: Laser is diverted and reflected by the effect mirror


SPEK lin - Premium

Effect mirror line, 10cm round, for club installation, high resolution, high zero order suppression, 3mm glass substrate

SPEK burst - Premium

Effect mirror burst low density, narrow angle, 10cm round, for club installation, high zero order suppression, 3mm glass substrate

SPEK lin - Basic

Effect mirror line, 10cm round, for club installation, 1.5mm glass substrate

SPEK burst - Basic

Effect mirror burst low density, 10cm round, for club installation, 1.5mm glass substrate

Mirror mount

Mount for reflective laser mirrors, fine-tunable in X- and Y-axis. For mirrors and gratings up to 15x15cm.

Easy set-up with C-clamps or  as wall mounting. Due to the very exact fine tuning, a combination or deflection of beam shots is possible.

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