High-Speed Deflection Systems by MediaLas Show Laser

CTi 6210 galvo scanners

HighEnd galvanometer scanner from Cambridge Tech. Developed on the famous 6800, the latest CTi 6210 model allows higher speed at low angles. Super compact dimensions of the galvo, small projector designs possible. Runs with MicroAmp. Large optical angle of 80° max. High End system for very precise scanning and pointing. Scan speed up to 60,000pps ILDA with latest MediaLas MicroAmp drivers.  

We offer both 6210H and 6210HB models. 


Technical Details:

Max. scan speed:
Max. deflection:
Recomm. deflection:
Mirror aperture:

100,000pps (60,000 pps ILDA)
80° opt.
60-70° opt.
3,5mm, optional 4,5mm available

TeraScan III galvo scanners

The latest version of the very fast and low cost scan set with new developed galvos and a true scan speed of up to 50,000pps, measured at ILDA standard measuring method! Very good projection quality for full graphical details. Small dual channel driver with full groundless differential inputs. Various protection circuits for galvo safety. 

Set comes with standard 5x11mm mirrors, larger 6x11mm mirrors are available on request.


Technical Details:

Max. scan speed:
Max. deflection:
Recomm. deflection:

70kpps (50kpps ILDA)
75° optical
60° optical
3,5mm, optional 4,5mm available

MicroAmp II galvo driver

Super-compact high speed driver for CTi or TeraScan galvo scanners. Latest circuit technology with:

  • oscillation prevention circuit
  • over temperature protection 
  • coil temperature calculator 
  • differential input and increased speed

Very small dimensions, just 63x50mm. Adjustment for Picture Size, Servo Gain, Damping and Offset. Inverting jumper. Needs source of +/- 24-30VDC at 1A per voltage. Scan speed as high as 60kpps ILDA with CTi 6210 galvos. Latest revision offers increased picture quality and higher speed at large scanning angles.

Driver comes pretuned to desired galvo, fine tuning might be necessary. 

MicroAmp II 62 - Fits to CTi 6200, 6210 and 6220
MicroAmp II 68 - Fits to CTi 6800 galvos
MicroAmp II Tera - For TeraScan II or TeraScan III


Technical Details:



Max. scan speed:

60.000 pps ILDA (CTi 6210)

45.000 pps ILDA (TeraScan III)

Control voltage:+/- 5V symm.

Power required:

+/- 24 VDC - +/- 30 VDC

Galvo mounts

Single mounts

Adjustable mounting set for 2 galvos for X and Y configuration.

Available for CTi 6800 or TeraScan galvos.

Mounting blocks

Precision aluminum mounting block, fits to CTi 6210 galvos.  

Technical Details:


Anodized Aluminium

Block mounts

Mounting block for CTi 60k and TeraScan II galvos with fix angle, beam height 30mm. 


Technical Details:


Anodized Aluminium

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